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Freudian Analysis of Melancholia Essay

The movie Melancholia by Lars von Trier progressively forms into the character’s discouragement through their activities and decisions that can relate straightforwardly to Lars von Trier’s own downturn and tragic youth conditions. The principle hero of the film, Justine, is discouraged and this influences everybody around her. Lars von Trier, the author and chief, is discouraged was discouraged while making this film and this downturn is reflected in Melancholia. Freudian speculations identify with Melancholia through Justine’s life just as her adoration life. She is continually unsatisfied and quickly has an extramarital sexual experience when she is powerless. Freudian speculations are exhibited through the downturn from the characters in the film to the essayist. Some of Freudian speculations that will be talked about are taking a gander at how a portion of the character encounters are like Lars von Triers past and the Oedipus complex. Lars von Trier’s past enormously affected how and what he composed for Melancholia. Freud said that â€Å"the thought that people are propelled, even determined, by wants, fears, needs, and clashes of which they are unaware† (Tyson, 14-15) shows Lars von Trier is spurred by his past encounters. The watcher realizes rapidly that Justine has a despondency that continually influences her day by day schedule, and she professes to be another person when she’s around others. Misery is a typical mental issue that presents with discouraged state of mind, loss of intrigue or delight, sentiments of blame or low self-esteem, upset rest or hunger, low vitality, and helpless focus. These issues can get incessant or repetitive and lead to significant disabilities in one’s capacity to deal with their regular obligations. Justine gives indications of sorrow all through the film for instance, when declining to wash up or go riding which she as a rule she appreciates doing. Individuals with sadness will in general be depleted all the time like when Justine left her own wedding gathering to have a rest. Lars von Trier may have encountered similar side effects of gloom in his own encounters, also his youth may have affected why he became epressed in his later life which could have improved his work for Melancholia. In spite of the fact that Lars was determined to have despondency in 2007, he had a troublesome adolescence. He didn't have the foggiest idea who his organic dad was until his mom let him know on her demise bed. Freud accepted that â€Å"our oblivious was affected by youth events†. Lars von Trier expressed during a meeting that â€Å"I origin ate from a group of socialist nudists. I was permitted to do or not to do what I like. My folks were not keen on whether I went to class or become inebriated on white wine. After a youth like that, you look for limitations in your own life. † Lars’ youth relates significantly to the character of Justine. Justine’s guardians didn't appear to think about her. During Justine’s wedding, her parent’s self-ingestion is reflected in their talks about their marriage issues. Also, her folks couldn't have cared less or set aside effort for her when Justine explicitly requested that a couple of times talk secretly to her dad and he was unable to discover the time. In the room, Justine was vexed and approached her mom for help however her mom was no assistance by any means. Her mother didn't appear to mind and her dad left the wedding leaving just a note saying that he was leaving with another lady and to â€Å"forgive an old fool†. Lars’ and Justine’s guardians have comparative reactions to their offspring of not mindful. Claire was distressed and carried on of character, she could no longer arrange her contemplations and be as quiet around Justine as she was previously, the same to Lars’ musings he cited â€Å"Everything is going to Hell, yet we should grin as far as possible. † (Lars individual statements on IMDB) Once Justine acknowledged Melancholia was going to hit the earth she got gathered and formed. Toward the finish of the film Justine, Claire and Leo site together, close their eyes and clasp hands as Justine had educated. This is one of the main scenes where Justine very grins. She has all the earmarks of being settled and content despite the fact that she realizes that the apocalypse is drawing closer. This scene identifies with Lars’ quote. Despite the fact that Justine knows everything is going to Hell, she is grinning even toward the end. Lars’ makes reference to the limitations he puts on his life like Justine not permitting herself to have a glad marriage and acknowledge her husband’s love and satisfaction. Justine turns out to be exceptionally discouraged during her wedding and undermines her recently married spouse. She won't have a genuine connection with her significant other however minutes after the fact will have a fast sexual experience with a total outsider. This identifies with Freud’s convictions in the Oedipus unpredictable, a girl’s want for her dad and outrage and envy towards her mom. Justine’s father plays transparently with other ladies before his better half and youngsters at the wedding. Justine has a sexual experience with an outsider attempting to emulate a relationship the same to her dads. This may have affected Justine’s choice to act insincerely with her better half despite the fact that her significant other adored her without a doubt. Justine’s mother delivers a discourse during the wedding supper and communicates her ill will against marriage, while Justine and her sister Claire take a gander at their mom with outrage and shame. Justine and Claire slight their mom by getting hitched, knowing to anticipate her disliking remarks, yet condemn her for it. â€Å"The result is a lethal fury against the Mother†¦ and a longing to have the Father† (1016) Sadness is about the world completion and in Justine’s little world she is discouraged, Citing Freudians Oedipus Complex one can resemble Lars’ condition of despondency which is appeared all through the film. The character’s activities reflect Lars von Trier’s convictions and encounters through his life and through his downturn, which is an enormous factor in Melancholia. Too the connections Justine has mirrors the Oedipus Complex through her conduct and choices. In this manner Freudian hypotheses relate legitimately to Melancholia.

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Why Is College Important? Writing an Essay For Sophomores

Why Is College Important? Writing an Essay For SophomoresWriting an essay or even answering a question requires proper and clear thought. If you would like to answer a question, but don't want to reveal your true thoughts or feelings about the subject, you must write an essay. An essay is a well-organized and structured way of coming up with the best answer.For that reason, it is good to know that college is important for students. Many people think that having a college degree means a higher salary. However, this is not the case. Having a college degree will guarantee you a better job in an area that you are familiar with.You may not be able to claim that you have a college degree without one. So, what is the purpose of an essay? It is important for students to write an essay on college. An essay written in college will show the reader how they have grown during their time in college.Students that have been in college for several years may feel that they have grown throughout their time. However, some of them will still wonder why is college important for them. They may be unsure about their future because they have not done anything to prepare themselves for this.College is a special place where there are many possibilities that can only be experienced once one has been in college. Most people are focused on the end result of being in college. Unfortunately, they miss the whole purpose of getting into college.One thing that is important for a student to learn is that there is always something to do after they leave school. College is not a place that just happens. College will make the student who goes there into a better person. They will gain a new found respect for the past and the people in it.Education is important for everyone, but especially for people that have left college to start a new life. Most people may be too busy making money to be involved in college because they may have no idea how to handle it. They may even feel that they don't need a co llege degree because they were already talented enough to do whatever it is that they want to do.For those that do not want to go back to college, there are other ways for them to gain a college education. There are different programs that allow people to go back to school without having to spend as much money as other programs do. This is especially important for people that don't have a lot of money to spare.

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How to Benefit From Writing Paper

How to Benefit From Writing PaperAre you looking for some help writing paper? If you need some assistance, then this article is the right one for you. It will help you understand how you can benefit from writing paper. If you are able to get a clear understanding of the benefits, then you are sure to be able to use this tool for writing.There are many sources that you can use for writing papers including books, online tutorials and other resources. The very first thing that you should do before you begin the task is to find out about the source that is going to help you. Once you know the type of help that you can get, then you are all set to start your task. The task should start by listing down the list of objectives that you want to achieve.After you have listed down the objectives, you need to look for the resources that can help you with the paper. All the resources mentioned above are good sources of assistance. Some of the most popular resource are the books, online tutorials and other online resources. If you are unable to find any source that can help you in writing the paper, then you can try to hire a research assistant. This assistant can provide you with some good ideas on how to begin writing your paper.The research assistants can also help you by giving you some help to answer your questions. Some of the questions that you might have been 'what is academic writing?' 'what is writing a research paper?' 'where can I find good examples of academic writing?'The purpose of the writing paper is to give an insight into the topic of your paper. So it is necessary that you give a clear and concise introduction about the topic. Also, the introduction should help you understand what the main idea of the paper is.The next most important part of the paper is the conclusion. Once you have completed the introduction and the conclusion, you should be able to ask your questions. You can ask some questions like 'how can I achieve my objective?' 'what should I do a fter completing the paper?'Most of the sources that you can find can help you write a paper that contains different types of information. There are sources that offer topics like the pros and cons of the subject matter.Once you find the type of help that you need to write a paper, then you can move forward. The very next step that you should follow is to find out about the research paper samples. These samples are usually found online and you can easily download them and use them to start writing your paper.

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Pets in Ancient Rome - Free Essay Example

In ancient Rome, pets were important. They had a many jobs or uses and all of them had a unique purpose for the Roman people. Dogs, for example, were put into categories as a way to easily recognize their breeding or use and were used for many things. Hounds, such as the sighthounds, have been found in documents stating that they could be used to hunt other animals. Scent-hounds were used less but they could be used to find food or other animals. The Italian Greyhound was used as a â€Å"hot water bottle† if a family member became sick. Their job was to keep people warm. There was also a giant dog known as the Molossus. It was used as a guard and a protection type dog. Dogs were also considered a part of the family. This is something that can still be seen today. Dogs such as the mythical creature Cerberus were described in many stories with the Roman gods. Most gods had dogs, Hades and Artemis owned hunting dogs. Dogs could also have been seen in roman laws as housekeepers and guards for the entire family. Roman people prefered white dogs over black dogs. A black dog would be hard to distinguish from a wolf, but a white one would stand out. Another pet which was used more as a royal pet was the snake. Snakes were seen as a pet of healing, which is why the god Asclepius was shown with two snakes around his staff. It was considered bad luck to kill a snake of any type. Many of the Roman emperors had a little snake as a companion inside their household. Birds such as the parrot were sought for their tongues which were thought to be a good omen. Other birds were found as household pets. In ancient Rome cats were not pets and were rarely seen at all. They were only used by the Egyptians as mouse control. Many Romans considered cats to be a pest instead of a pet. If the Romans saw a cat killing a bird, the scenario would be seen as a poor bird being killed by an evil cat. Horses were used for farming or traveling and not necessarily as a pet. They were admired for their strength and beauty. Wealthy Romans used horses for leisure while the poor used their horses as a tool to help them in their everyday lives. Pets were very important to ancient Roman life. Many pets had uses and qualities that assisted people with everyday chores such as hunting or farming. Other pets were simply enjoyed for their companionship or beauty. Each one was important in its role in Ancient Rome.

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The Consequences Of Performance Appraisal - 1890 Words

What exactly are the consequences of performance appraisal in organisations and how does it contribute to organisational or individual performance? 2000 words In recent years performance management have become a key feature for organisations to get the best out of their staff and create a competitive advantage. This is why we have seen more of a focus on performance appraisals and the way in which talent is managed by employers and HR staff. Bratton and Gold (2007) defines Appraisals as a process that provides employers with an analysis of an individual’s potential and ability allowing them to make decisions fit for specific purposes. This is done by collecting data on individual’s behaviour and performance which can then be assessed and reviewed. Performance management has been used for over 100 years and can be tracked back to the post industrial revolution because businesses had expanded meaning there was a demand for a larger workforce (Beardwell and Thompson 2014). Due to this businesses need to have measure in place to control and direct workers to get the best possible performance. With this we have seen many mechanisms brought in by management based on theories. In the early 1900’s Frederick Winslow Taylor theory was seen as the best way to manage staff. This was done by calculating the efficiency of each worker and the least efficient would be removed to ensure consistency. This was followed by Max Webber (1922) suggestion that bureaucracy would be ideal as itShow MoreRelatedThe Consequences Of Performance Appraisal1853 Words   |  8 PagesWhat exactly are the consequences of performance appraisal in organisations and how does it contribute to the organization or individual performances? Introduction Performance appraisal has grown to become an essential tool in every organization today. It has grown rapidly over the past decade with around 70% employees being appraised in 2011, rising from 43% in 2004. (WERS data, 2011). Performance appraisal allows an organization to measure the performances of its employees and use it as a comparisonRead MoreEvaluation Of A Employee Performance Appraisal909 Words   |  4 Pagesthe most challenging aspects of their job is the employee performance appraisals. Evaluating an employees’ performance, if done right, will be an objective as possible process. However, the naturally subjective aspects of the evaluation process are what pose many ethical dilemmas. This process customarily comprises of giving constructive feedback to an employee so that they are better able to improve their job performance, but many appraisals are based on lies. This theoretically disqualifies it fromRead MorePerformance Eval765 Words   |  4 Pagespaper descri bing how effective performance appraisals can increase employee performance. This paper should include sections on the strategic advantages of performance appraisals, Potential forms of bias within the appraisal system, As well as how performance appraisals can contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives. â€Å"How effective performance appraisals can increase employee performance† â€Å"Performance appraisals can enhance employee performance as well as advance the missionRead MorePerformance Appraisal : Performance Appraisals1275 Words   |  6 Pagestheir performance reviews. Depending on how large your team is, completing performance reviews can be a daunting task. Hopefully you have been good at recording your employees’ individual successes and failures over the course of the year. Performance appraisals serve many purposes within an organization. Answering the questions below will help us understand why they are a standard at most companies. Explain the utility and use of performance appraisals. Why are performance appraisals importantRead MoreThe Rank And Yank Performance Appraisal Method Essay1054 Words   |  5 Pagesof his company (Gomez-Meija, Balkin, Cardy, 2012). This system, known as the forced-ranking system, sorted people, not objects, and had sweeping consequences. Critics dubbed it the â€Å"rank and yank† performance appraisal method. At GE, the methodology aimed to replace the bottom ten percent of workers with more productive ones to increase the performance level of an entire operation. Management used various ranking judgments, lumping employees into categories like â€Å"most effective,† â€Å"average,† or â€Å"needsRead MoreManagement Performance Evaluation Of Employees963 Words   |  4 Pagesrole in performance evaluation of employees. There are several factors that contribute to how managers assess performance evaluation, these components are orientation, training, developm ent, feedback, and annual performance appraisals (). Human Resource managers are important to the performance appraisal process, because they make sure that the appraisal is fair, detailed, and the managers are handling the appraisals professionally(). In order to properly ensure that the performance appraisals are conductedRead MoreDeveloping a Performance Appraisal System1063 Words   |  5 PagesDeveloping a Performance Appraisal System Kimberly Garnett HSM/220 April 3, 2011 Developing A Performance Appraisal System In order for the design and administration of a performance appraisal system; to be effective; managers and employees must communicate on a regular basis. Allan and Rosenberg (1981) stated, â€Å"Performance appraisal system plays a number of roles in an organization that’s geared towards achieving the company’s goals and mission. Beginning at the corporate level, valuesRead MorePerformance Appraisal- Management Procedure1068 Words   |  4 PagesPerformance appraisals are an essential element of the general performance management procedure. A performance management structure involves having an appraisal technique or method, substantiated by job types, colloquial and continuous feedback, leadership training, performance expectations, punitive policies, as well as employee productivity and acknowledgement. In addition, both positive and negative feedback are elements that are instrumental in the arena of performance management. However, theRead MoreMcdonalds Apprais al System1345 Words   |  6 PagesMcDonalds Appraisal System Question 1 amp; 2: McDonalds use a 360 degree appraisal system (Ward 1995) where all the information on performance and feedback is derived from a number of stakeholders within the company. The existence of an appraisal program indicates to an employee that the organisation is genuinely interested in their individual performance and development. This alone can have a positive influence on the individual’s sense of worth, commitment and belonging. McDonald s introducesRead MorePerformance Appraisal and Employee Motivation1443 Words   |  6 Pagesteams, quality circles, and of course regular performance appraisals. The performance of the organization is dependent on sum total of the performance of its employees. Thus the success of the organization will, therefore depend on its ability to measure accurately the performance of its members and use it objectively to optimize them as a vital resources. Performance can be measured by some combination of quantity, quality, time and cost. Performance thus refers to the degree of accomplishment

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Why Time Management Important - 1090 Words

Why is time management important? It is important because it is the basis to begin living a successful life and make your dreams come true. Time management is defined as effectively using the minutes, hours, and days available to you in order to accomplish your goals in the most effective way. Time itself can not be managed. It is constant and it always goes forward, never goes backwards, Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. Therefore, if you are managing time, you are not trying to manipulate time, you are trying to make the best use of your time. For this week, I spent 18.6% in the school related section. During that time I am at school and staying up late doing homework. I was at work for 17.4% of the week. For personal time, I spent 14.4% of my time socializing and watching television. In the health-related section I spent 50% of my time eating, showering, and sleeping. This week was a non-typical week. First of all, we had one day off which was Monday because of Presidents Day. My school related section would of been a higher percentage if we would have went to school on Monday. Then my health-related section would of had a lower percentage for sleep because I would have had to waken up earlier for school on Monday, but we did not have school. I also do not work as much as I did this week. I work on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This week I worked on Tuesday because I had to cover for someone and on Saturday we had lots of events going on soShow MoreRelatedWhy Time Management Is Important Factors For Having A Successful College Experience924 Words   |  4 PagesTo me, time management is one of the most important factors in having a successful college experience. The preceding sentence is an example of an epigraph. According to Merriam-Webster, and epigraph is â€Å"a quotation set at the beginning of a literary work or one of its divisions to suggest its theme†. On page 119, Rebekah Nathan uses an epigraph that is very meaningful to me; â€Å"A common way to regulate workload is simply to restrict the amount of time and effort one spends on a course by doing no moreRead MoreThe Lack of Time Management Utilized Efficiently by Students Essay544 Words   |  3 PagesWhat is Time Management, and why is it so important? Time management is the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours in your day effectively to accomplish your goals. Time management is important, because it is one of the most vital soft skills that you need to have. Without time management, it is easy for you to let yourself over to coincidence, and eventually you will not steer your life in the direction that you need to. People will begin to run over you. I would like to explain theRead MoreThe Manager Of Walgreens Chain Drug Store1225 Words   |  5 PagesAcker has a Pharm D and BS in Biology/Chemistry and has been practicing as a pharmacist for 5 years. She was a pharmacist for 1 year before becoming a manager and currently has 7 employees under her supervision. About half of her time used for patient care and the remaining time is split between dispensing and managerial tasks. I am not very familiar with her specific work location since she recently went to work for a new Walgreens store. I do know that she serves Mississippi gulf coast patients onRead MoreDiscussion Question Chapter 21115 Words   |  5 Pages 1. Why is it important to understand the different perspectives and approaches to management theory that have evolved throughout the history of organizations? Management is constantly changing. It changes over time to meet new needs. if we know what happened in the past (WHAT WORK/ WHAT DIDNT) WE WILL be able to understand the present and plan for the future. Some ideas from the past (stock ownership, open book management) are still relevant to management today. it is also important for usRead MoreWhy Construction Management Is Important1267 Words   |  6 Pageseverything else will crumble. I chose construction management to ensure a stable future for society and in this paper I will be discussing what construction management is, why construction management is important, and why I chose the degree of construction management. The construction management is the process of controlling, coordinating, and planning from the beginning to the completion of the project. A construction management is one of the important fields in the society that can be counted on developingRead MoreShould College Success Be A Good College Student?925 Words   |  4 Pagesassignments, and have time management skills. All these things are very important and I am going to explain detailedly why. To my belief, attendance is one of many things that are crucial to becoming a good college student. First of all, attendance has many more components to it such as, being on time, getting to know your professors, and participation in the classroom. I strongly suggest getting to know all of your professors, because they are going to be there all through your college time and up till yourRead MorePerformance Management systems1380 Words   |  6 Pagesmain goal of a Performance Management System? Performance management systems are designed to improve both individual and organisational performance by identifying what skills are needed to perform a role, providing regular feedback and assisting the employees in their career development. The overall aim is to equip staff with the competencies and commitment to deliver on shared organisational goals . 2. Why is it necessary to develop and implement a Performance Management System? A well developedRead MoreLack Support From Middle Management885 Words   |  4 PagesLack support from middle management When the change happens, the middle managers and front line supervisors boycott their bosses. They refuse to obey or listen to the top managers. They do not trust their boss. The middle managers and front line supervisors boycott their bosses. They walk away from their jobs. They take off for a few days or a few weeks. They try to find any reasons to refuse to do their jobs. The middle managers and front line supervisors do not want to obey the top managersRead MoreBenefits Of Netflix For Netflix909 Words   |  4 Pages Production Needs Netflix is a leading company that specializes in providing subscription services for video and digital content. The number of users of Netflix increases on a regular basis. That is why it is important to support the demand by providing new products and services. The products and services of Netflix include rental DVDs that the company sells directly to homes and streaming movies and TV shows online. Recently, the organization has become concentrating on sustainability issues suchRead MoreOperation Managenent1504 Words   |  7 PagesOperations Management After completing this chapter, you should be able to: 1. Define the term operations management. 2. Identify the three major functional areas of organizations and describe how they interrelate. 3. Identify similarities and differences between production and service operations. 4. Describe the operations function and the nature of the operations managers job. 5. Summarize the two major aspects of process management. 6. Explain the key aspects of operations management decision

Business Research for Human Communication in Society-myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Research for Human Communication in Society. Answer: Introduction This reflective report discusses the advantages of social media in the business. It also presents the disadvantages of social media in business operation. In addition, it also demonstrates the research methodology that will support to identify the tools and techniques to complete the research objectives. I increased my knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of the social network in the business. In addition to this, I also created my consciousness about social media. The social media is computer-mediated technology that enabled the organization to share their data among the customers to spread the awareness regarding product and services of the company (Alberts, et al., 2015). I learned that social media plays an imperative role for business. There are different types of social media sources that are used by the organization named Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and e-mail. At the same time, it can also be said that the understanding about such sources can be effective to improve my knowledge and also supports to make a connection with a large number of people. It will also support to make a robust relationship with people in long-run. I also gained my knowledge about project scope that enabled me to determine the pros and cons of social media in the business. It will be also supportive to manage the risk in future regarding the social media (Bajdor, et al., 2014). In addition to this, I learned about the project objectives where I create my knowledge about the implementation of social media in business operation. Along with this, it can also be said that I learned about many factors that show that the positive impact of social media on the business named covers a large number of audience, less expensive, improve brand loyalty, and decline the marketing cost. I also gained my knowledge about some additional factors demonstrates the pros of social media such as improve the sales of the organization, increase the ranking of the search engine, consumer engagement, simply access in the international market, customer feedback, market research about the consumers, and improved marketing opportunities (Burns, et al., 2016). At the same time, it can also be said that depth understanding about the social media can help to imply the social media in business operation in the upcoming period. I also increased my understanding about disadvantages of the social media in the business operation. There are different components that demonstrate that social media can negative impact on the business such as social media is time intensive, copyright problems, security problems, and negative feedback. At the same time, I also learned that lack of marketing and social tools strategy, required more resources to deal with online customers, lack of control on daily basis, leakage of confidential data, hacking, and offensive feedback (Kasemsap, 2014). In addition to this, it can also be said that knowledge regarding negative factor of social media can also support to control the future risk in a systematic manner. Furthermore, it can also be said that the social media can be an effective source to easily influence the customers and easily aware the consumer about products and services in less time and cost. Along with this, I gained my knowledge about the research questions and hypothesis that will be required to accomplish research task in an appropriate manner. I increased my knowledge about the two types of question such as primary and secondary research questions. In addition to this, it can also be said that the research methodology plays an imperative role to identify the suitable tools and techniques to determine the advantages and disadvantages of social media in a business operation (Lin-Hi, et al., 2013). Along with this, it can also be said that I learned about the both research method named quantitative and qualitative method. The qualitative research is used to develop the theoretical understanding of the research topic in a systematic manner. In addition to this, the quantitative research can be significant to present the numeric data in a systematic way. Along with this, it can be said that I also enhanced my knowledge about reliability and validity of the research. I also gained my knowledge about the deductive approach that was appropriate for research in case the research is objective in nature. Along with this, I also learned that the deductive approach is used to prove and reject the hypothesis to obtain the positive outcome in an appropriate manner (Mackey, et al., 2015). I also learned about the probability sampling method that will be used in case of research dilemma is based on the subjective in nature. Further, the probability sampling method provides an equal chance to the candidates who participate in the research for reacting on a survey through a questionnaire. I also learned that the probability sampling method includes random sampling method to perform the research systematically (Zhao, et al., 2014). In oppose to this, I also created my consciousness about non-probability sampling method. I increased my knowledge about the data collection methods named primary and secondary data collection methods such as primary data collection and secondary data collection method. In addition to this, it can also be said that the primary data collection methods can play an imperative role in collecting the fresh data regarding the research issue (Schaltegger and Wagner, 2017). There are some sources such as interview, observation and questionnaire method to collect the data systematically. Beside this, I also created my knowledge about the secondary data collection method sources such as an academic journal, balance sheet of company, annual report of organization, books, magazines, and online and offline websites. I also created depth knowledge about secondary data collection methods. At the same time, I learned about the data analysis method that will be supportive to boost my research skills in the upcoming period. In addition to this, it can also be said that I also learned about research limitation that will support to accurately perform the research (Swann, 2014). I understood that time, cost, and lack of resources can direct impact on the research to meet the goal in an appropriate manner. In addition to this, it can also be said that the time schedule can influence the research. Moreover, time schedule can support to best knowledge about the time frame to perform any research and meet the task in specified time and cost. At the same time, it can also be said that I gained my knowledge about the research as well as social media that can support to improve my personal and professional life in the upcoming period. In additionally, depth understanding regarding the social media can be supportive for me to utilize the social media tools in the business operation that will increase the productivity and financial performance of an organization (Taneja, et al., 2014). Conclusion From the above conclusion, it can be concluded that the social media can be effective to improve the productivity of an organization in long-term. In addition, it can also be summarized that the research methodology plays an imperative role to identify appropriate techniques to perform the research activity and accomplish research objectives. References Alberts, J. K., Nakayama, T. K., and Martin, J. N. (2015)Human communication in society, USA: Pearson. Bajdor, P., and Grabara, I. (2014) The Role of Information System Flows in Fulfilling Customers Individual Orders,Journal of Studies in Social Sciences,7(2), P.7. Burns, L. D., Mullet, K. K., and Bryant, N. O. (2016)The business of fashion: Designing, manufacturing, and marketing, USA: Bloomsbury Publishing. Kasemsap, K. (2014) The role of social networking in global business environments,Impact of emerging digital technologies on leadership in global business, UK: Routledge. Lin-Hi, N., and Mller, K. (2013) The CSR bottom line: Preventing corporate social irresponsibility,Journal of Business Research,66(10), pp. 1928-1936. Mackey, A., and Gass, S. M. (2015)Second language research: Methodology and design,UK: Routledge. Schaltegger, S., and Wagner, M. (2017)Managing the business case for sustainability: The integration of social, environmental and economic performance, UK: Routledge. Swann, P. (2014)Cases in public relations management: The rise of social media and activism, UK: Routledge. Taneja, S., and Toombs, L. (2014) Putting a face on small businesses: Visibility, viability, and sustainability the impact of social media on small business marketing,Academy of Marketing Studies Journal,18(1), 249. Zhao, J. L., Fan, S., and Hu, D. (2014) Business challenges and research directions of management analytics in the big data era,Journal of Management Analytics,1(3), pp. 169-174.